Young Lions Finland 2017 shortlists have been announced

Print, Cyber and Film

“On top of the apparent idea and insight of the entries we were looking for understanding of how high the bar must be raised for us to be able to proudly send the winning pairs to compete in an international competition. The most challenging category for us judges was the Cyber category. The awarded pairs were by far the best in their respective categories but the pairs who will be sent to represent Finland must train like athletes to be able to meet the standards of an international competition.”

Comments Kati Erola the chairman of Print, Cyber & Film category.

See the shortlisted Print, Cyber & Film entries.

Media and Marketers

“The presenting skills of the competitors, in English, were a particular source of joy. On top of the idea and insight we paid attention to the presenting skills, which were for the most part admirably good. The most heated debates concerned the Media category, where we wanted to see new and innovative ideas.”

Says Tommi Wirtanen, the Chairman of Media and Marketers category.

See the shortlisted Media and Marketers entries:

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