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Terms & Conditions

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All Young Lions taking part in the Young Marketers competition must be 30 years old or younger, born on or after 26 June 1986, and work for client companies that engage the services of advertising and communications companies. Unfortunately students are not allowed to take part in the competition, however, if a student has a valid trainee contract with a company, he/she is allowed to participate in the competition (proof of employment needed).

People entering to Marketers category can’t enter any other categories.

The competitors taking part enter the competition in teams of two. At least one of the team must have a Finnish nationality and both of the team must live and work permanently in Finland for a Finnish company. The team members can work for the same company or for two different companies.

The teams participating in the Marketers competition must register in the competition in advance by email to When registering, please submit the following information for both members of the team: name, title, company, email, phone number and date of birth as well as the competitions category you are entering. The deadline for the registration is 28th Feb at 4PM.

The Young Lions Finland 2016 competition starts when the brief of the competition is published on Friday 10th March 2017 at 4PM. The competition closes on Sunday 12th March 2017 at 4PM, all the entries must be submitted before that. Entries submitted after the deadline will be discarded.

A Jury appointed by Sanoma Media Finland will choose the winning work. The Jury will consist of members of agencies and advertisers. All the work will be judged anonymously.

Competitors must be ready to present their work for the Jury on Wednesday 29th March. Up to eight Marketers teams will get the chance to present their work. The exact presentation times will be sent to the teams after the preliminary judging, on Monday 20th March the latest.

The winning teams of all the competition categories (Print, Cyber, Film , Media & Marketers) will be sent by
Sanoma Media Finland to the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity to compete in the international Cannes Young Lions competition. Cannes Lions will be held 17–24 June in 2017 and the Young Lions competitions will be held during the festival week. The winning teams must be ready to travel and to compete in Cannes 16–25 June 2017. Sanoma will sponsor Festival Passes, flights and accommodation for the teams for the period of the whole Festival.

All work created as part of the Young Lions Finland 2016 competition remains the property of Sanoma Media Finland and can be made available for use by the participating client as they wish. Sanoma nor the client will not pay for creating the work or the use of the work created for the competition or translating the work (from English to Finnish).

Competition Dates

Media & Marketers registration deadline: 28.2.
The competition: 10.–12.3.
Print, Cyber & Film Jury: 28.3.
Media & Marketers Jury: 29.3.
The shortlists will be announced: 6.4.
The results will be announced: 11.5.

The Instructions

The contestants are representing the client organization they are working for. The teams act as the client giving the brief and the jury acts as the creative agency. Each team needs to choose a realistic service or a product that their company offers or would be able to offer and create a product based on that (existing) service or product in order to answer the brief. There needs to be a connecting point between the company, the product, the competition client’s values and the main objective of the competition brief. Please note that the work has to be in English.

All teams must submit:

  • A written submission on a document which has to include:
    • Max. 250 words describing the campaign, in Arial, font 10. This must be entitles on the document as CAMPAIGN DESCRIPTION.
    • Max. 250 words describing how the campaign will be launched, executed and the appropriate channels used, in Arial, font 10. This section must be titled as CAMPAIGN CHANNELS in the document.
  • A presentation of max. 10 slides (including a summary slide) describing the campaign as a PDF file.
    • The selected teams will present their slides to the Jury.
    • The submitted file can be up to 5 MB and it has to be presentable as it is.

Teams must use only material from Getty Images. Free download facility from will be made available for every team for the competition (Right Free material). The teams may however use their own company’s image bank in the presentation.

The selected teams are expected to deliver a 5-minute presentation explaining the campaign to the jury. Timings are strict and the teams are not allowed to present for more than the allocated 5 minutes. The jury has a maximum of 5 minutes to ask questions immediately after the presentation.


The submission of the work will be made with a submission form. The concrete file (or files) has to be uploaded to a cloud (like Dropbox) and then provide a link to the file on the submission form. Remember to fill in all the fields in the submission form.

The form will be online at the Young Lions website during the competition. Please have a look at the form well in advance before the submission deadline.

The form will be taken off after the competition deadline (12 March 2017 at 4PM).

YLF HOTLINE is here to help if you have any questions!

You can reach the hotline via Young Lions Finland Facebook page, email or phone: / / 040 156 1766.

YLF HOTLINE will also be on-call during the competition:

Friday 10 March: 4PM–9PM
Saturday 11 March: 9AM–4PM
Sunday 12 March: 9AM–4PM