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Client: The Association for Finnish Work
Theme: Increasing the appreciation of Finnish work and influencing of purchase decision
Target group: Consumers broadly between 25–54 years old
Media budget: 150 000 €

Goals of the campaign

1. To update the traditional “Favour Finnish” campaigning

The campaign aims to refresh the way we campaign Finnish work and products. We want to involve the perspective of social responsibility into the campaign. It is important to take into account both rational and emotional drivers in decision making.

2. To let people know, that there are huge amount of situations one can decide for Finnish work

One can choose the Finnish option over the foreign products and services in several branches and that should be clearer to the consumers – very often there is a Finnish option. Brands administered by the Association for Finnish Work and the messages they hold (Made in Finland / Finnish service / Finnish design / Social responsibility) can be attached to the campaign. Ideally, the campaign includes elements which also the member companies of the Association for Finnish Work can use in their own marketing communications.


Amazing Finnish work is done in Finland in many different areas. Services employ Finns, clearly more than the industrial production. Production is important to Finland, but equally important is immaterial work: planning, designing, selling, marketing, logistics – all the different stages which are related to the manufacturing of a product or service.

It has been researched that individual consumer decisions are significant to the national economy – one’s own choices have an effect on jobs remaining in Finland. On the other hand, the influences do not stop there: choosing a Finnish service or product is always related to the value chain. Finnish companies often use Finnish contractors, so the consumers decision is more far-reaching than the success of simply one company.

The time for traditional ”Favour Finnish” campaigns may be over, at least simply stating such a thing is no longer sufficient. Consumers need more emotionally and rationally based reasons as to why they should select the Finnish option. Now would be important time to remind of the causes and consequences of one’s own purchase decisions, and on the other hand to generate insights into the influences therein. Purchase decisions are often associated with an emotion. Therefore, it would be excellent if one’s own choices generated a feeling good enough to share.

In Finland it is now time to awake positive discussion of Finnish know-how so we can better see and appreciate our own strengths. Holding Finland and Finnishness in value is not exclusive, nor black and white and/or thinking. One can simultaneously both value local design and production and also be very international. Finnishness doesn’t need to be heavy, serious, official or stiff, rather we hope it would be fresh, light, open and inspiring.

As we look back at history – in this celebratory year of Finnish independence – we can, with good reason, establish that the current well-being of Finland has been built on work. In the future, the following hundred years, well-being of Finland will be built on work as well.

The Association for Finnish Work

The Association for Finnish Work aims to increase the appreciation and success of Finnish work. The association manages brands which describe Finnish work (the Key Flag, Design from Finland, and Finnish Social Enterprise), affects purchase decisions and challenges the renewal of working life. The brands bring visibility to a company and it’s products or services pertaining to Finnish manufacturing, design know-how or social responsibility. The Association for Finnish Work has over 3 000 company and community members.

The Association for Finnish Work’s three cornerstones for the success of Finnish work:

Work creates meaning and well-being for everyone. All work is valuable. Meaningful work brings value to the employer, the employee and to the society. Meaningful work creates a positive self-fulfilling cycle, where more and more productive employees create a basis for growing investments, therefore towards greater production output. Work should be renewed and everyone should be able to influence their work environment to increase the meaningfulness of their own work. By doing work, well-being is increased in the individual, the company as well as within the community.

Finnish work is proudly international. Finnish work incorporates all work in Finland without taking a stance on e.g. nationality or ownership. Finnish work should also be attractive internationally. Export is also important to many Finnish companies.

Purchase decisions affect Finnish work. Selecting a product or service designed / made in Finland is a responsible decision affecting employability and therefore well-being in Finland. Via brands depicting Finnish production, design and social well-being, both consumers and purchase decision makers can recognise the products and services that support Finnish work.

Tone of voice and spirit of the campaign

  • Of this time, modern
  • New viewpoints; Finnishness and immaterial work, social responsibility
  • Doing together – both company and consumer
  • Positive
  • Faith in the future
  • Healthy pride in Finnish know-how

What this campaign is not

  • Protectionist, patriotic
  • Lecturing, ranting, moralising, guilt-inducing
  • A foodstuff campaign
  • Only related to products
  • Does not solely draw on intellect or reason
  • A distant employment campaign

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